Android App

IBOKWENU is a Social Network & Marketplace app provides users with many free tools to communicate, collaborate, showcase and sell

Tools: Chat, Video Call, Timeline, Follow, Tweet, Live Stream, Groups, Crowd Fund, Classifieds Market

#Hashtags: Displays trending and related topics shared by users.

@Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or messages.

Liked pages: Added ability for users to like pages and get page feedsGroups: Added ability for users to create groups, join groups and get groups feeds and information.

Messages system: Added ability for users to chat and send messages.

Pro members Profiles: Added ability for users to see pro members types on each user Profile.

Friend Requests: Added ability to accept or cancel friend requests.

Trending Hashtag: Users can see the latest trending hashtags on the left slider.

Promoted Pages: Users can see the last promoted pages on the left slider.

Account Page: Added ability for users to control their account password & username and email.

Notification settings: Added ability for users to control notifications (Led color & Sound and Vibrate).

My Profile: Added ability for users to change their avatar & cover & information and social links.

Handling Offline: Added ability to handle offline mode and bad connections.

Events: Added ability to view and create events from the app.Find Nearby: Added ability to find nearby friends using GPS.

User Status: Added ability to create and view user status.

Pokes: Added ability to send and receive pokes from users.

Popular Posts: Added ability to display top posts.

Boost Post: Added ability to boost post for users

Jobs: Added ability for users to create jobs and hire

Common things: Added ability to find users that matches your information

Crowd Funding: users can create funds, and get paid

Timeline Page: Added ability to see all kinds of posts Text, Pictures, Videos, Maps, Feelings, and more.

Friends & Follow System: Application Supports friends system like Facebook, follow system like twitter.

Friends Page: Added ability to display all users' friends on one page.User Profile Page: Added ability for users to open users profile and timelines and get their information and feeds.

Market Place: Added ability for users to get the latest products and contact their owners.

Add Product Page: Added ability for users to add their own product attached with images & information and price.


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